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UFO VIDEO - Rare and strange UFO sighting from Singapore captured on video in 2011


July 13, 2011

This UFO footage is a bit confusing considering the way the lights are seen. Some lights flash and some dont has we wonder what are we looking at exactly. Are the lights ufos or all the lights are all part of the same UFO. Also, when the camera goes down looking at the city everything is out of focus, making us wonder is the lights very close to the camera or very far, making the city out of focus.

Anyway, here is the testimony we found with this specific ufo video: 'Observer was on his way home after pubbing, He lives on 4th floor, as he arrived his door he looked to the building in front of his apt, and he saw this right there.

He does not carry digital cameras, but he uses iPhone 3G, so he taped it down. The video is short, but according to him, he stopped the video and wanting to take more, but somehow he felt the UFO knows he was observing it, and as soon as he wants to take the second video from his cell phone, the entire thing flew off, like suddenly vanished.

He described that this is unbelievable sighting, he did believe in UFOs, but by theory only, however after this sighting, he said he was going to look up the sky more, as this change the way he thinks of the world.'
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