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UFO VIDEO - Pair of UFOs found on footage after slowing the speed of the ufo video


October 10, 2011

UFO video that needs some close examination. Most camera users would had rapidly concluded that birds has passed rapidly in front of the camera. But this user had the good piece of mind of looking more closely at is UFO footage and he was right. We cannot say definitely that the objects passing are UFOs but we cannot neither say that they are Birds. The shapes are too round to be diving birds or ones with open wings and more over they stay very equally distant to each other while moving.

Here is the witness testimony:

'While driving home from union election, I noticed blurring objects over Sandra Pond. Pulled over and recorded the sky for two minutes. Couldn't believe what I caught on my camcorder. I don't have the time to show all the objects. I grabbed the best off of the clip, to show everyone. Seems that Sandra Pond is a magnet for these objects.'
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