UFO been hovering every night for couple hours California USA 2015


April 17, 2015

We live by march air force base and one night early april my sister was driving in the back road to get home, she noticed a bright ball of light. She thought it was a plane from the base, she wanted to take a picture so ahe pulled over, when she noticed in a blink of an eye it quickly flashed across town and just hovered by a big mountain that has a letter 'm' on it. She called me and told me if I can see it, I went outside (cuz I live kinda sorta that m mountain) I took some pictures and it's been there every other night, just hovers. Changes shapes and flaahes lights. I take pictures every other night. It hovers as soon as it hits sunset and just stays there for couple hours. It must be huge cuz I've traveled to covina and it was there, I traveled to colton, ontario ca and still there. I showed it to some friends, they get scared and rather not talk about it. Its there every other night and I even went to santa Barbara and it was there, looks like a star, but its not cuz its in our atmosphere. Please come see it yourself. I've came home late at night, sometimes around midnight or 1 in the morning and its not there. I hot pictures but I'm not a professional, they don't look good on email but if y'all could come see them on my phone you'll see what I'm talking about. Thank you.
Credit: MUFON

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