Picture from Video of UFO near Nanjing, Jiangsu in China from 2006


August 17, 2006

Nanjing UFO appeared over. A world of original videos from friends confirmed the news. This message is sent to a User through the MSN news, world news 18 in the User column shows the impact of seeing friends shot in Nanjing to this video. The whole video is only 18 seconds, it was getting too early to shoot the UFO's very clear, through the video can be noted that the oval-shaped flying objects, such as a small group of black clouds floating in the air, slowly in the sky movement. With the legend of the flying saucer shape is very similar to the scene of the witnesses also have stopped, the first reaction is the emergence of a flying saucer. Live "UFO" "UFO" the sounds come and go, people mouth open, pointing toward the sky. Many people just stopped, the UFO scene in the end to discuss what the sky. Residents in nearby residential buildings from the room ran out, looked up looking at this amazing sight. After 15 seconds, the UFO suddenly sent a group of bright flash, quickly away, and instantly disappeared in the air, the speed is astounding, this scene previously only seen in science fiction film can.

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