Looked like mothership with smaller glowing craft flying around it in


July 14, 2015

I was sitting at the Beach Comber parking lot in Welfleet at 1:00-1:30 am. Designated driver I was as sober as a rock.I noticed a craft in the sky over the ocean that was so big you would have to be blind to miss it . First thing I thought was UFO I have never seen a craft that could match the size and magnitude of the object. It was not concerned about making its presence discreet . The craft appeared to be rectangular from the point of view I witnessed from . It had about 8-10 bright rectangular lights emitting an extremely powerful white colored spectrum of light . It was miles out to sea and I would estimate it at 3000ft or less in altitude from sea level . It was hovering looking out toward ocean (east ) the lights would flash in a distinct pattern skipping one in a direction from left to right . Appears as if there were other colors like blue and red and gold around the perimeter of rectangular white lights during sequence . There was a light mist in the air that the reflection of the light was capturing causing it to illuminate the area around it slightly . Within minutes sky clears up. While hovering the was another object very close that was much smaller ( gold orange orb) moving slowly around the object sometimes changing directions . Smaller object was pulsating sometimes getting very bright. After 15 min of being stationary the object started moving close to shore at a consistent super smooth rate . Headed north and North west . No sound could be heard . I'd say it got to within a mile off shore . Looks as if smaller object attached or entered larger object during the move. It was no longer visible. I was very exited at first but at the same time. I've seen ufos on other occasions .lbit nothing has ever compared to the magnitude and visibility of this expired. Intrigued but cautious it made me feel uneasy . It felt as if it was going to be something out of war of the world or Independence Day . I tried to take some picture . Came out blurry from my vantage point . I quickly alerted the people I was with and they witnessed along with at least 30-40 other people . SOMEBODY has footage or a picture I am sure of it. Mind blown . The girls I was with were getting agitated because we had not left yet . After about 30 min of observation I had left although I did not want to miss a second. I uploaded pics. Poor photo quality.

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