Floating blinking light UFO in the corn field - Lebanon Ohio USA 2014


October 19, 2014

I was driving home from a friend’s house on Sunday around 1000 in the evening when I received a call from my father. He told me that there was a floating blinking light moving around the cornfield in his backyard. As a skeptic, I told my father that I would come over and retrieve it. I arrive at the house at roughly 1030 in the evening and head to the back door to meet my father. I look into the cornfield and can see an oval shaped light flickering roughly 120 meters away from us. It flashed like a strobe and was a milky white consistency. The light emanated from the center of the object and would rise from out of the corn and then lower back into the corn. I tried the best I could to come up with a logical explanation to the item but could not. It was windy yet it would remain in place, if it been a balloon it would have popped or blown away. I decided to inspect the area. As I neared the end of our yard to the line of corn, I heard sounds that I could not identify. I could tell by the sound something was moving in the corn, but also some sort of weird watery chewy sound that I can’t exactly describe. Deciding not to enter the field I returned to the house. The light continued to raise and lower into the corn. I decided to flash a light on it from the house, and it receded into the corn. After a few minutes it came back out. We sat and watched it through binoculars and a night vision scope trying to figure out what it was. At around 100 in the morning, it receded into the corn and did not appear again. After 30 minutes of waiting we decided it had left and went to bed. In the morning, I decided to search the corn field for evidence with my father. My father and I are both military trained and have extensive knowledge in tracking, as well as being alert to our surroundings. There were no signs of activity. No footprints, no trash, no animal footprints, nothing. My father is an older man and the images are a bit shaky. It scared the dog which was inside the house, as it remained in the back of its cage.
Credit: UFO Evidence

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