Glowing amber colored moving UFO - Kolkata, West Bengal India 2014


West Bengal
November 18, 2014

I was walking through an ally which finally leads to a field which has only a malfunctioning halogen lamp which was not working at the time of incident, but the field is to some extent illuminated by the lights of adjacent Sukanto Setu flyover. I saw an object with glowing orange or amber light which was moving towards east direction with constant but slow speed for some time over a high-rise building. Then it started moving towards south approximately and also started blinking at slow rate but at regular interval and finally it disappeared from my sight behind trees after around blinking of 8-10 times.Then I tried to watch that behind the trees and I saw the last glimpse of it finally. It blinked such a way like going completely dark and again becoming illuminated like before, so I think it cannot be a cracker, because I have seen them before and this was nothing like that. The whole incident was for 4-5 minutes.
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