Bright object in the sky that seems to be UFO - Barrie Ontario 2007


November 10, 2007

We do a lot of research on stars and planets. We were coming back from Barrie were we wanted to relax and view the clear sky with many stars that cant be found in the City. I fell sleep and my friend Ali woke me up telling me a bright object in the sky that seems to be UFO. The bright object was in green color with blue flames coming out of it from above and under. It would change its color. Very quiet and fast. It could move in any direction. It would drop it self and stop close to earth then would move in vertical direction and then horizontal. The object was there for two hours, I believe hovering over lake. We were able to take couple of pictures and as we took the first picture the object started moving down and after the second picture our camera, phone and video camera would not function. I think the object noticed our presence. It went crazy and start moving fast in all directions and continued on its research and disappeared. The interesting part the photos got downloaded to the phone after 9 hours. This can be the result of interruption in the frequency. They can effect and dismantle our radios, any electronic equipment and no radar can catch them. This was a fascinating night of our lives and we never saw anything like this before. Regards.
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