Observed 20+ white/reddish orange orbs UFOs - Louisiana USA 2015


May 16, 2015

At approximately 11:40, 05-15-2015, I was taking a trash bag to the main trash can in the front of my Dad's house. After closing the lid, I turned and noticed 3 glowing lights moving slowly above the neighbors tree line but below the clouds. I listened for noise, but heard nothing. I knew that if they were helicopters or planes that they would have a red and/or green light on them. There were no red or green lights on any of them. They weren't flares either because they remained at the same altitude for the duration of the sightings. About a minute after this, 3 more lights appear from behind the trees. They were pretty much in a line with some of them fairly close to each other. This is when I knew I had to get my brother to get his opinion. I felt sure that I was observing UFOs. I never took my eyes off them. I knocked on his bedroom window and returned to where I was standing when I first saw these orbs. When he came outside all I did was point in the direction of the lights. By this time several more lights appeared, all coming out of the southeast and moving to the northeast. There was a slight curve in their forward movement. At one point 4 of these orbs were fairly close together. We discussed that we would have heard something because they were close to each other. Absolutely no sound came from any of them. This lasted for approximately 20 minutes. I also took photos with my cell phone. After the last one was no longer in sight, I called the local police department to find out if they had received any calls from anyone else that might have seen them. The dispatcher stated no calls had been received. She asked for my name and address, which I gave to her. I also told her that I had taken photos of the lights. She asked if I wanted an officer to come out and talk to us and see the photos. I said sure. We ended the call. 20 minutes later my cell phone rang. It was a police officer informing me that they did in fact get a couple of phone calls from individuals that saw the lights. He then stated that the lights were helicopters going out to the Gulf of Mexico for oil rig crew changes. WRONG!!! First of all, the orbs were traveling to the northeast. The Gulf of Mexico is to the south. Secondly, Petroleum Helicopters Inc.(PHI) does not send 20+ helicopters at a time for crew changes. I know this because my brother worked for PHI. If they would have been helicopters they would not have flown in the pattern that we observed. And with that many of them we would have heard them. I didn't want to argue with this policeman. He insulted me and that was wrong of him to say what he said. His ending words to me were 'no policeman will be sent out to talk to us or to see the photos.' My feelings about this are excitement. I never felt frightened. Actually, I would have totally loved it if they would have landed near me. I never miss your programs and feel that you have given me the knowledge to know the difference between aircraft from this planet and aircraft from another world. I know that the attached photos are not the best. But I have seen in your programs that you can do amazing things to enlarge the objects involved. Thank you for your programs and having this website to report sightings. I would gladly discuss this further with you.
Credit: MUFON

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