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2 different UFOs - black and silhouette triangle and many orbs 2015


Bethel Springs
May 11, 2015

Earlier tonight my mom and I were returning home from a shopping trip. I noticed a bright amber colored "star" in the sky. As I looked closer I knew this was too bright to be a star. As I called my mom's attention to it.. It moved. I sped up to a clearing in the trees and parked in a parking lot for a better look. We witnessed 3 of these pulsating white/orange/red orb like structures "dancing" in the sky. They began to move east. I followed them. 1 broke pattern and circled behind us swooping low in sky with no sound. It hovered overhead then headed back west. I turned car around to follow it. As we turned south toward our home the orb I had been watching stopped abruptly and darted south parallel with car. My mom and I switched places so that I could keep eye on object. We drove 3 miles south to our residence. As we pulled into driveway it darted again straight up over tree line. I called my brother and had him meet me outside. We proceeded to photograph and video object over next hour. As we concentrated on the 1 orb. Several more started to appear. It was hard to distinguish them from stars until they flew in closer and began to take on orangish hue. One came directly over our heads and just hovered silently. They all pulsated/flickered. It seemed as if when they were about to move they'd get dimmer almost go out completely then get real bright and move much closer at high speeds. My family returned inside after watching for over 1 hour. I remained outside and was determined to stay until they left. I watched planes fly in very close proximity to objects. After planes passed the orbs would trail them for a while and stop. After watching the orbs for 2 1/2 hours I came in because I believe I saw a MUCH larger dark triangular shaped craft silhouetted against clouds. It had no lights and a very faint noise to it. At that time I believed that I was witnessing a legitimate UFO sighting and came inside to report immediately while details are still fresh. My brother also has video. His phone took much more detailed video than mine. But here are some stills of orbs. Faint light pictured is when they were distant and appeared to be stars. The amber colored on was when it moved closer.
Credit: MUFON - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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