UFO Expert Captures Close Encounter With Disk-Shaped UFO 2015


Northern Territory
May 9, 2015

UFOs are far from any natural phenomena and man-made objects in the sky. Belief in UFOs and extra-terrestrials is fast becoming in this modern age. On Saturday morning, an Australian man named Alan Ferguson believes that he spotted an irrefutable evidence of extraterrestrial visitation, when UFO has emerged in the Northern Territory sky. He was able to capture on camera his close encounter as the alien spaceship soared above his property on Acacia Hills. The UFO expert documents all the UFO sightings and encounters throughout Australia to be placed on his page UFOTerritory. He said that the camera was set on a fast-speed loop. But for him, the unusual incident has become normal since he has already seen more than 500 UFOs throughout his existence. He was able to familiarize, and become a good observer.
Credit: latest-ufo-sightings.net

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