UFO near Government Buildings in Bolivia's capital | La Paz | 2008


La Paz
La Paz
March 1, 2008

This UFO picture was taken in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia on March 1 2008. On this UFO picture we can see an unidentified flyimg object passing near the Plaza Murillo in central La Paz where there is a lot of government buildings including the National Congress of Bolivia. This UFO picture was taken by Maria Griselda, a member of the Ciufos-LaPampa group. She did not see the UFO when she took the picture but only after when she looked at them. On this UFO picture we can see the UFO passing in the blue sky on the right side where there is no clouds present. | March 1 2008 | La Paz, La Paz Department, Bolivia | Undefined UFO shape | Credit/Source: Ciufos-LaPampa/Inexplicata

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