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September 4, 1971

On September 4 1971, this UFO picture was taken at 10,000 feet from a Costa Rican Geographic Institute airplane. The airplane was automatically taking pictures every 20 seconds of the Arenal region in the province of Guanacaste. The purpose of the shooting was to collect images for making maps. On the frame 300 that showed the mountains around Cote Lake an unidentified flying object was captured from the top over the lake. This UFO picture became an incredible proof of aliens visitation on Earth and is considered has an incredible scientific value for Ufology. A retired NASA scientist Dr. Richard Haines with Dr. Jacques Vallee published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 1989 a list of four reasons why this UFO picture has such value: (1) it was taken by a high-quality professional camera, (2) the camera was looking down, which implies a maximum distance, hence a maximum size for the object, (3) the disc was seen against a reasonably uniform dark background of a body of water; and (4) the image was large, in focus and provided significant detail. This incident was part of a report titled 'Costa Rica UFO Dossier' published in the mid-90s in the popular Japanese newsstand magazine Borderland. This UFO picture was used for the cover of the French COMETA Report. The name Cote Lake mentioned in the information we found is not listed anywhere on all the web maps and wiki we looked in. We were able to locate the longitude/latitude coordinates by matching the shapes of the lake in Google maps with the one on this UFO picture. We do not have the name of the person who took this UFO picture | Arenal region, province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica | September 4 1971 | Saucer with Dome UFO Shape | Credit/Source: National Geographic Institute of Coast Rica / Antonio Huneeus
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