Gigantic bright glowing UFO mother ship over Mount Fuji | Japan | 2006


March 21, 2006

On Tuesday March 21 2006, Keita Tachizawa was waiting for the sun to rise when he saw this incredible UFO sighting. He saw a huge bright glowing unidentified flying object appearing over the famous mount Fuji in Japan. This UFO picture was analyzed by Benjamin Creme, who is a Scottish artist, author, esotericist, and editor of Share International magazine. According to Mr Benjamin Creme this is a "medium-sized" mother ship, whereas the top of Mount Fuji is over one kilometer in diameter. On this UFO picture we can evaluate based on Mr Creme analysis that the UFO is over one kilometer in size making it a UFO mother ship. We have no exact confirmation but we conclude that this UFO picture was taken by Mr Keita Tachizawa during his UFO sighting. It would be easy to debunk this case by saying that the huge UFO is a cloud, but expert decline that possibility considering that the cloud had a very specific saucer shape and it was in one part and further more that it was the only cloud present in the entire sky. | Mount Fuji, Chubu, Japan | March 21 2006 | Saucer UFO shape - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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