Web cam capture UFO picture over island of Cheung Chauen | Hong Kong


Hong Kong
October 16, 2010

This UFO picture was captured on a China weather cam on October 16 2010 at exactly 12:12 PM. The web cam user for which we do not have its name explains that he got another UFO in the same location a month earlier on this China weather cam. This China weather web cam is pointing toward the north looking at the small Cheung Chau island located 10 kilometers southwest of the Hong Kong Island in China. The user explains that the UFO was a grey metallic sphere hovering in the mountains over the city of Cheung Chau. He also explains that the web cam takes a snapshot every 15 minutes and went he looked after the UFO was gone, concluding that the UFO sighting lasted less then 15 minutes. The China weather cam service has 15 cams available, so our user went all around to check them. At 13:15 PM he saw on the same web cam a UFO further away and at the same time but from another web cam (another angle) at Peng Chau (over looking Victoria Harbor towards the East). The UFO seen on all these different sightings seemed to be the the same one considering it had all the same shape and color in a relatively short period of time. On this UFO picture we can see the poor quality of the images which is normal for web cam capture. We can see the dark UFO completely on the left side of the UFO picture over the end of the bay of the Cheung Chau island. | October 16 2010 - 12:12 & 13:15 PM | Cheung Chau island, Hong Kong, China | Spherical UFO shape

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