UFO rise very rapidly from the north then sped off very fast Chicago I


May 25, 2017

I witnessed a craft rise very rapidly from the north. It then hovered for approx 1 min then sped off very fast in a SE direction. On May 25th, 2017, I was in my back yard smoking a cigarette. At approximately 9:11 pm, I witnessed some sort of flying craft rise up above the trees, just to the north of I-55 in relation to my house. When I first saw it, it seemed very close. The object from my perspective at that time seemed to be about the size of a silver dollar. I could tell that there were multiple lights on the craft but when I first saw the object, all of the lights were very bright and seemed to represent one very bright light. This is the closest I was to the object (when I initially saw it). The object went straight up at a very high rate of speed with no angle of deviation whatsoever. When the object reached a certain altitude (at this point the object looked about the size of a penny) it stopped very quickly and began to hover. I watched the object hover for around 30 - 45 seconds. At this point, I noticed 4 individual lights which seemed to be in the shape of a diamond. The top light wasn't very bright. The side lights seemed to be very bright and somewhat oval shape. The bottom light was somewhat round and also very bright. These lights were a yellow-orange color and would flicker sporadically. The object made absolutely no sound at all. I wanted to run into the house to grab my phone but I was completely amazed and I was afraid it would be gone by the time I grabbed it. After watching the object hover for 30 - 45 seconds, I ran into my house to grab my cell phone. I'm guessing that approximately 20 seconds had lapsed by the time I got back outside. At this point the object was still hovering. About a second or two later, the object sped off very fast in a SE direction. It was also traveling up as it sped away. It moved so fast the lights seemed to leave a brief tracer. I was able to snap one quick photo before it disappeared over my house. At this point, the object was probably about the size of a dime. Again, there was no sound from the object at all. There were multiple planes in the sky as I live near Midway Airport but they were all very high in the sky. The object seemed to move too fast to be a plane or drone. I see planes all day and night and this object did not resemble any plane I have ever seen. Also, if the object was rocket propelled, I would have certainly heard it, as close as it was, but there was no sound. I ran around my house to the front to see if I could still see the object but it was gone. Credit: MUFON

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