Flying Saucers UFOs at south-east Humacao, Puerto Rico 2017


San Juan
July 5, 2017

Flying Saucers at south-east Humacao, Puerto Rico 2017-jul-05. One photo at 0514PM and the other at 0517PM Puerto Rico Time. Following a sequence of photo shooting I found a shaped Flying Saucer. Two photos, One with 3 objects and the other with one object which I believe is the same object that appeared on the other picture with the 3 objects based on his shape seen on the picture. There seems to be UFO Activities around the wasting drop area in Humacao, Puerto Rico, sorrounding areas and the Antenna Tower on top of the hill at the other side of the town seen on the picture. Credit: MUFON - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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