Yellowish-white UFOs with hints of red at center hovered - Clinton Was


October 27, 2015

My fiancee and I were driving home from Freeland WA on Whidbey Island to Clinton WA, also on Whidbey Island, when -- as we crested a hill -- I saw, over the tree line to the south, five very bright yellow objects that appeared to be 'hanging' in the air over Puget Sound (as if they were lights strung together).

My fiancee did not see them. As we went down the hill I lost sight of the lights. I was very curious to see them again, and to have her see them. I wanted to see if I could rule out airplanes as an explanation. These lights were not 'normal' for the area, which has lots of air traffic but these did not appear to be aircraft lights.

And they were not Chinese lanterns, based on movement patterns and the duration of the sighting.

We went to a beach called Double Bluff on South Whidbey Island. The lights were still visible, and presented in varying degrees of brightness/intensity. Initially they just hovered. But literally as we walked from the car they seemed to move away, dimming as they did so.

Some faded away, though two remained in view and gradually became much brighter (see photos). Eventually they all gradually faded and disappeared. Others appeared, and brightened. Of note is the fact that when the one object moved northeast, the light remained bright and did not vary, as an airplane would as it moved and turned. It's light remained constant. No wing lights were visible.

There were aircraft visible as well, to the south, likely traveling to and from SeaTac Airport. These lights were decidedly different than the anomalous lights. They were white, with blinking running lights. It was good to have the comparison in real time.

Through binoculars the objects were emitting too much light to determine a shape, though one also appeared to suddenly 'morph' into a triangular form (seen through binoculars). This 'morphing' was the most surprising and shocking part of this observation, since the appearance had been vague and ill-defined prior to this (brief) change. All seemed to have an amorphous, pulsing reddish light in the center.

There was a low, constant pulsating sound in the bass range which neither of us had heard before. It did not get louder or quieter, but remained constant for as long as we observed the phenomenon. The sound was not produced by a train or aircraft or boat. There could be other rational explanations for the noise (and for the lights, of course. We are very skeptical, sober-minded people). But it was also very unusual and strange.

We live in the Puget Sound region, and are familiar with aircraft of various descriptions. While we cannot definitively rule out that these were aircraft, our experience seeing many different aircraft at night and in differing weather conditions from Boeing plants, Paine Field, Sea-Tac Airport, and Whidbey Island Naval Air Station persuaded us that these were something else.

Our only guess is that atmospheric conditions might have had some extraordinary effect on normal aircraft lights. There were very few clouds, far to the south.

We've never seen lights like these. They were exactly what the term 'UFO' means -- Unidentified Flying Objects. We went away without any idea what they were.

Credit: Steve (MUFON) - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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