First looked like a larger star then started moving across the sky sil


July 21, 2015

I have been watching the skies recently due noticing flashes of white or blue light,like camera flash,so i stood at my back door that night and noticed what looked like a larger star moving towards my house from a southern position,then change direction and altitude heading north easterly,it climbed and stopped,then descended and stopped, climbed and moved north easterly again.i felt it was aware of what i was doing and felt intimidated by disappeared over the houses and out of my sight.from then i have had numerous sightings on more or less alternate days for a while and also captured more photos of those objects,i used the flash on one occasion and the sphere object stopped and changed colour,from white to red at which i am sure i was noticed by it.i have alot more photos of these encounters also.

Credit: MUFON

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