Mysterious Lights UFOS Observed Near Apsley Ontario Canada 2015


May 19, 2015

During the night of Saturday May 19th 2012, I was visiting a cottage in the North Kawartha area of Ontario, Canada, near a town called Apsley. There were four of us that weekend including the host and hostess. Around 8:30 that evening, after dinner, the host declared "they're back" while peering out the window. We all walked over to see what he was looking at and discovered a very bright, star like light across the bay, a few miles from the cottage. At first I tried to find an explanation for the light, but the more I looked at it the less natural it seemed. It was stationary, hovering in one spot but it seemed to also flicker. It appeared to shift in shape and glowed in changing colours. The light could have been a star, but it was much brighter than any of the other stars in the sky that night, especially considering how close it was to the horizon. It reflected clearly in the lake below. This got me intrigued and although at first, I admit, I thought perhaps the host was leading me on and knew exactly what this strange sight was. Maybe it was something he did with all his guests to make a quiet night a bit more exciting. They both insisted however, that the light was unexplainable to them as well and that it came back weekly during the summer. Their stories continued and I started to reach for my digital SLR and tripod. We walked out to the shore and I set up my tripod, focused across the bay at the strange light. At this point, it had already been 15 or 20 minutes since the host spotted it. I took a few snapshots and changed my settings to get a some different lighting options. It was very difficult getting any light into the lens as it was extremely dark and moonlit. I opened my shutter speed and hoped for the best. After about 30-40 minutes hoovering, the object seemed to zoom off in a western direction at light speed. It was gone. When I got back into the cottage I opened my laptop and started looking at the images I took. To my surprise I captured 2 images back to back which were taken within 10-15 seconds of each other. The photos are untouched and straight off my camera. It's visible that the foreground trees and background trees are sill and sharp. With my nighttime shutter speed, blurring was a concern, however I believe I have captured this thing making small movements in the night sky. As seen in the circled zoomed in view, the light is bright and it is moving. It's clear that the object is close to the horizon line and is even reflecting in the lake below unlike the stars that night. I believe what we witnessed that night was something extraterrestrial. What do you make of these images? - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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