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Multiple UFOs alternately flashing and circling each other in groups -


October 1, 1999

My brother and I were driving together on Texas Highway 71 approaching Marfa, Texas near Valentine, Texas, when we saw multiple flashing lights in the sky ahead of us. As we approached the nearest location to the lights we stopped and I retrieved my 20 power Olympus Camedia camera and started zooming in and out snapping multiple shots. My brother used his binoculars to verify the numbers of objects and he said "there are nine of them!". The nine circular objects seem to circle each other in groups of 2 or 3 while they illuminating themselves sequentially. We stayed there for 15 minutes or so while they continued to maneuver in full view. Before we drove off (with the UFO's continuing their maneuvering) we observed a gate, driveway and sign "Government Property No Trespassing". I later found out after talking with the Valentine Sheriff's Office that was the gate to Aerostat Marfa Location. When I called the Aerostat Marfa facility the next day they simply said what my brother and I saw was most likely the Nav-Lights on their balloon they had launched in that same time frame. When I asked how many lights are on the balloon they said "three". I said we saw nine objects illuminating! They put "Langley" on the line with us and Langley said same thing . . . "...we most likely saw Nav-Lights" on their balloon. Langley asked me to email them my pics (which I did) and they said they would reply with their comments . . . which they did a couple weeks later simply stating the same thing "what you and your brother saw that night was the Nav-Lights on the balloon which was launched that evening".
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