Flashing light changed direction and seemed to disappear and reappear


June 28, 2015

We were driving east throughly Kansas headed back towards Mississippi around 5:00am on June 28th 2015. Both the driver and i, in the passenger seat in a mid sized sedan noticed a flashing light approximately 200 yards in front of us. We both dismissed the light as a radio signal or some other flashing object in the dark skies. Note we were one of the only cars on the road being his early in the middle of nowhere Brookville, Kansas on interstate 70 going roughly 70/80 mph. We both were startled when the light started flashing again but it didn't get closer to us, as we drove toward the light it stayed the same distance from us so we realized it had to be hovering. Is was as close to the ground as a car would be right level with our vehicle and constantly stayed in front of us. Almost in an instant is shot quickly behind our vehicle, the driver and I looked in the review mirrors and also turned our heads and it was clearly behind us again about 200 yards away. This startled us because it seemed to disappear and reappear behind us without moving. As soon as we acknowledged that this was a moving vehicle of some sort it jumped back in front of us at an incredible speed as it didn't flash past the vehicle but seemed to disappear and reappear into our front view back 200 yards in front of the vehicle, flashed and instantly disappeared. The driver and I were both spooked after this incident and kept our cell phones out ready to capture and record any other strange sightings we saw. Almost 30 minutes to an hour later we noticed a white form or such in the sky, lower than the clouds but definitely at an elevation. It didn't move, it stayed in one spot and wasn't big enough to be a cloud, wasn't a star, or a plane or anything like that. It started off circular then went into an oval shape and then turns flat over the course of 10-15 minutes then it vanished and was no where to be seen. I captured sever photographs of the strange hovering white light object as it changed shaped and eventually disappeared. There are two witnesses to these two separate events while traveling on interstate 70 throughly thr state of Kansas early in the morning in the middle of no where. These were our encounters.
Credit: NMUFON

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