Multi colored triangle with 3 smaller orbs UFOS - Florida USA 2015


May 9, 2015

Over a friends for the evening when one of them pointed out a xmas tree in the sky over the gulf. When she called me over to look, it did look like a lit up tree, triangle about the size of a pea. Appeared stationary possibly moving away slowly. Flashing red, blue, yellow and green like led lights. At first I thought chinese lantern, but never saw one that had multi colored lights. We both tried to capture it on cell video, mine just shows a yellow light with one of the smaller orbs. While we were filming smaller orbs (3) appeared and seems to circle the main lights. I went and grabbed binoculars (10x50 power)and you could definitely make out the triangle shape. At times it appeared to change over to circular, but think that was due to the pulsating lights. The smaller orbs had no definition through the binoculars. We all agreed triangle after looking at it. After about 20 minutes, while main object stayed visible, orbs blinked out. We went back to what we were doing, then after about another 10 minutes, I went to look again and the main triangle definitely moved out to sea as it was much smaller. I looked due west and there was another set of lights, same coloration but smaller. We first noticed the object around 9:30pm and stopped watching around 10:pm. A total of 4 of us looked at it and we all agreed that it was just really weird.
Credit: MUFON - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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