On the porch and snapped a couple pictures before UFO left - 2014


July 10, 2014

I was on the front porch when i looked up into the south west sky and saw this bright light. So I held my phone up and snapped a couple pictures and then it zipped across the sky in a straight line about 600 ft to the south east. I tried to get my phone in place to get another picture when it took off what appeared to be straight up. And I never remembered a thing about it until this March when I was going through my camera photos looking for a spacific photo and BAM there they were. Both pictures side by side and bits and pieces of that evening started to come back. I dont remember seeing much more than what my camera took. But there seemed to be a bluish haze with the object i figured it to be about 40 to 50 ft in with rather oval shaped with another half oval, about half as wide as the craft on the top. But like I said, I lost track of the whole experience until I seen these pictures nearly a year later. Here are the two pictures I was able to get. And I have had two other sitings since then, and I wander if they may be conected.
Credit: MUFON

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