Orb like object split into three objects, was bright like a star


April 30, 2015

I was walking my dog when I saw it, i'm not sure what made me notice it but when I did I just thought it was a star. As I watched it, it began getting brighter and two orbs split off from it kind of like a sliding motion. The brightest of the three started to slowly move and i'm not sure why but I decided to follow it. It went passed at least two buildings and a street. I honestly felt curious about what I saw, As I followed it I decided to try and get a picture of it. I took three pictures but only one of them turned out well enough to see due to the fact I had zoomed in with my phone when I looked at the picture I saw a basic outline of what ever it was. When I lost the orb from my sight it didn't move it just slowly vanished as if nothing was there to begin with.
Credit MUFON

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