UFO with 4 Spheres over Austin Bergstrom Airport in Texas USA 2014


April 11, 2014

I am a professional photographer and amatuer astronomer that works at the New Jersey Astronomical Association Observatory in Voohees New Jersey. I was taking pictures of my son and because I am a drone flyer I saw an object in the sky moving rather quickly across airport grounds. Because I thought that this object was a security drone I snapped the picture and didnt really look at it for weeks. After finally looking at it to compare to my drone I noticed that it was not a drone at all. It had 4 dome like structures and a central structure holding it together. There is no obvious flight surface to provide lift so one would assume a balloon. Unfortunately I had never seen a balloon move this fast and with such purpose...in a straight line and at a level height. Could it be a drone? possible....but given the distance and using some simple geometry (and some assumptions) I estimated the craft to be roughly 20-25 feet across. This is my 3rd strange sighting I have had in my life. And the only one made during the day OVER a VERY active airport. In addition I have the RAW. I took this with a 70-200mm f2.8 canon lens...so not cheap glass.....and the detail on the raw can be zoomed way in with little loss of resolution. I will try to attach. credit: MUFON

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