Dark red round ball UFO sightings over Yining, Xinjiang China in 2002


November 1, 2002

At 2:30 on November 1, an avid reader surnamed Jiang dial the hotline: Quick Look, the east in the sky flying saucer! According to report observations, elevation in Yining City is about 15 degrees east sky, a bright object the size of a grain of rice kept issuing yellow, blue, purple and other strange light.4:10, the UFO abruptly, dark red round ball, about a quarter of the moon that night, surface seems to be fine concentric circle pattern, the location slightly to the south, a few seconds and then reduced into a grain of rice. UFO bigger again, after the disappearance of tens of seconds. Nanjing Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Fellow Professor Wang Sichao watching the transfer of 27 "UFO" pictures and written material are considered, the UFO is a spacecraft control intelligent life, not a natural planetarium.Professor Wang said in a telephone interview, watch the pictures carefully, you can definitely rule out the stars, balloons, airplanes, clouds, and high-rise building missile warning lights may also not be earth-synchronous satellite, because the geostationary satellite over the equator, Xinjiang in the southern sky can only be found not appear in the northwestern and eastern sky.It also can initially determined that the vehicle side of the rotation, while a fine spray of particles, estimated height of 10,000 meters or more. The space vehicle may be alien in it? The answer is unable to determine. (Youth Express correspondent Laiyu Ning Cai Lipeng)

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