UFO in the clouds of Christchurch,Canterbury in New Zealand 2014


October 23, 2014

while sitting outside my job in my work van.my workmate and i observed the object while having lunch.at first we thought it was just cloud morphing into different shapes.but after maybe 2-3mins of looking at it i decided to take out my cellphone and snap a few images wasn't until later going through my phone i observed the object.i think that these are quite good pictures i have a habit of photograghing some quite good one's especically last year (2014) anyway that about sums up my report.photos 092,097,101 are of the object.092 it is just above street lamp center of picture.097 bottom right of picture by the sun.101 above open van door very clear and picture 044 was just taken one afternoon. Credit: MUFON

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