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August 1, 1977

UFO Sightings report: (All credit to Patrick Gross) The events mainly concentrated on the city of Colares, about 2000 inhabitants, on Colares Island, which is in the region of Para, the delta of the Amazon river on the north-eastern coast of Brazil. But the whole region was visited by the same phenomenon.
Beginning in August of 1977, in the island of Colares, strange phenomenon begun to occur, that the Brazilian call Chupa-Chupa. Strange luminous objects appeared over the few towns of the region. These objects were often projecting thin rays, seemingly of light, directed at the people. The touched people fainted and woke up with a strange anemia. They witnessed that they felt as if some of their blood was removed by the strange rays.
The fisherman Manoel JoLo de Oliveira Filho, aged 44, married and residing at No. 64 rua Carneiro de Mendonça, was strolling towards the beach early one morning with some companions, to spend a day at sea fishing. Before they had got to their boats, they saw - above the Rio Novo beach - an object shaped 'like an umbrella' stationary at about 4m from the ground. From its under-part came a vivid white light. No sound was detectable from it at where they were standing. The object then moved away equally silently towards Machadinho, switching off the light as it went.
A carpenter named JoLo Dias Costa (aged 44) and a fisherman, João da Cruz Silva (aged 54), both of Colares town, saw the notorious 'luminous spheres' so greatly feared on account of their 'low skimming swoops'.
Another man from Colares town, Sr. Zacarias dos Santos Barata (74) saw the glowing balls on two nights. The first time, the object came from the direction of the Bay of Maraja, and rapidly vanished towards the interior of Colares Island. On the second night another ball, blue in color, flew over the local football pitch. 'It lit up all the trees around the field and then vanished towards the town centre', said Sr. Zacarias.
Sr. Sebastilo Vernek 'Zizi' Miranda described his experience as follows:
'I was there with my wife, Palmira, in front of the church on the sea-front, when at about 8.00pm, we saw an intensely vivid 'orangeish' light coming in from the sea towards the town. As it approached, it climbed, and then, moving rapidly, vanished towards the inner part of the Island.'
The barber Carlos Cardoso de Paula (aged 49), living at Travessa Deodoro da Fonseca No. 231, had a still closer encounter with the 'lights', as he told:'Everybody else was asleep. I was just still having my last smoke when suddenly a ball of fire entered our house up near the ridgepole of the gable. It started shooting round and round the room and then finally came right close to my hammock. It ran up my right leg as far as the knee (without touching my skin). I watched with much curiosity as it then moved across to the other leg. Then I started to feel feeble and sleepy. My cigarette fell from my hand and I came to and let out a yell. The fireball quickly vanished and everybody woke up. I think it had been searching for a vein in my body but didnt manage to do so. As its brightness grew I felt a sort of heat coming from it.'
Worker Raimundo Costa Leite, very well known in the town of Colares for his skill in making and repairing fishing-nets, described his own experience:'At about 4.00 in the early morning, I went with my pal 'Baixinho' (Orivaldo Malaquias Pinheiro) to fish off the beach at Cajueiro. As I recall it, 'Baixinho' shouted 'Look! There it is!' and took to his heels, leaving me alone on the beach. The craft was of the size and shape of a helicopter, made no noise, and was flying very high. I could have taken a pot-shot at it if I had had a gun with me. I was terrified when the machine shone a sort of searchlight down on the beach. That light was sweeping the ground, illuminating everything! It was a bluish light (sort of a cold light). It made it easier for me to see this because the craft had several small reddish lights beneath its front part. The craft seemed to be seeking something on the ground. I was scared that it would touch me and, despite my poor physical condition I managed to run quite a distance, and then 'Baixinho' returned and helped me. The object had come from the direction of the sea and it headed off into the inner part of the Island.'
Actually, so many more people reported being attacked by beams of light from small UFOs in this area that only few of them are mentioned here.
On October 20, three women were hit in the breast by the beams of light: 'All three were overcome by tremendous nervous tension and an unknown sort of lassitude 'as though they were receiving constant electric shocks' wrote a newspaper.
On the evening of October 29, Benedito Campos and his 17-year old wife Silvia Mara were at home when 'they spotted an oval, silvery object emitting a greenish beam like a searchlight towards the room where they were lying. Filled with curiosity, they approached a small window and, as they did so, the beam shot in through and made straight for Silvia, throwing her into a sort of benumbed trance-like state." Silvia, who was pregnant at the time, then fainted where upon two entities apparently entered the house carrying something resembling a golden torch and "once again the beam struck Silvia, this time hitting her in the left arm at the level of the wrist. Her veins seemed to 'rise up out of the body' so swollen were they by the beam striking them.' Later, while at a neighbor's house, Benedito was also briefly paralyzed by a light beam. Fearing a miscarriage, husband and wife were taken at night by boat to the Mosqueiro Medical Clinic, followed all the way by the UFO, which made no further attempt to harm them. They remained there for three days where the wife recovered, but Benedito was in a state of severe depression for some days, his motor functions disturbed and, as his mother reports, weeping frequently. The UFO activity over Colares Island was so intense that the people began to think the Chupa-Chupas were trying to make some sort of contact with them. Such was the view expressed by Sr. Raimundo Ferreira 'Mimi' Monteiro. He still believes the craft were coming up out of the sea or out of some under-water base located in the Bay of MarajA maybe in the region of the Caldeiro.
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