Picture of Graffiti on wall captures UFO in the sky in Cumbaya Ecuador


March 26, 2012

UFO Sightings Report: This was taken near the new airport they're buliding in Cumbaya, Ecuador. Taken: 3-26-12. I just finished painting this wall for the people that live around here and like my artwork, thought I would give them a laugh.
Actually, I didn't notice this object until later, I was paying attention to what I was painting & doing so very quickly because of a meeting we were late for & we still had to eat lunch. The driver noticed the object & believed it to be a craft of origin other than human technological levels (popularly understood) should be able to create. To be honest, the driver simply thinks it's from off world.
When I first saw the picture I thought, 'it looks like a flying saucer' as cliche as that term may have become.
It was simply hovering. Without knowing a precise distance or size, it is too difficult to say if something is moving or stationary unless it moves at great speeds.
We're totally fine with this being a universe overflowing with life & our bodies (and perhaps spirits) are probably less evolved than those of others. I see similar things all the time, so it's not very shocking.
However, this was the first time I saw a metallic craft. It is not the first time to catch an 'other-worldly' craft on camera, but it is the first time for a metallic saucer-like object.
Normally, I see what I think of as 'light ships.' Sometimes the light ships become very bright before blinking out or flying away much faster than before. They all kinds of tricks. It's like a light show for monkeys (we being the monkeys). We see that sort of thing often.
We left, the object stayed where it was.
I would like to add that this is not Photoshopped, only upped contrast, exposure, vibrance, red with Lightroom because my camera is old now)

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