Strange Moon UFO with multicolor reflections in Indiana USA 2012


October 21, 2012

Around midnight I was on my front porch smoking a cigarette when I saw something in the sky. The photos I took are set at the highest zoom on my camera (coolpix). I thought it could be the 1/2 moon - however I've never seen a moon that had a rainbow effect 'reflection' above it...

It was pitch dark out as it was silent and not a cloud or plane in the sky... It looked like to me a real bright light of some sort - with a multicolor reflection on top of it.

To best describe the reflection -> (Northern Lights) really cool. It was awesome enough for me to grab my camera and take a few pictures.

Sad thing is you can't see the reflection in the photos. However, if there is a good photo enhancer person out there, maybe they can filter it out in these images Check it out, and enjoy

Credit : MUFON - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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