Rare event - Incredible Day and Night pictures of same UFO USA 2012


October 20, 2012

Objects have been hovering for days even in broad daylight. Found hovering in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania almost resting on the treeline not far from my home.

Observed in early morning. Viewable from my upstairs window. Lights are green red and white, and twinkle, which differ from the parking lot lamps below which are a constant unchanging light. Object moves subtly left to right continuing to hover.

First seen 10/20/12 at 6:28 am. It is now 10/23/12 and its presence is unwavering. An additional object appeared close below the object and much closer to the ground. Three more then emerged in the sky above first object after periods of dimming then becoming brighter and brighter. One of the five got brighter and changed from a roundish shape into almost a crescent moon shape and then vanished after appearing in a completely different area of the sky in a matters of milliseconds then returning to its original position.

All five appeared to be in a V formation as if strategically and purposely placed. The initial one remains suspended above the wood line at the time of this message. I have stills and videos shown both in daytime and nighttime and will be happy to produce them if anyone is interested in investigating this phenomenon. The 30 minute video is having difficulty uploading, but I would be glad to get it loaded so there is better evidence to aid in my description.

Objects appear larger and brighter with the naked eye opposed to video recorder. Also notable is the fact that object emitted an orange plasmic orb out the bottom of the object. The orb appeared as almost a mini firework, lasting only a few seconds. This left me shaken and confused, as I have lived here for years and always enjoy the night sky but never have seen anything like this, something so close in my view and so low to the ground.

Credit : MUFON

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