Silver saucer UFO caught on picture in Bristol, England UK - 2010


June 19, 2010

ufo sightings report : It was a Saturday afternoon, I was in the garden preparing some metalwork for spray-painting. I happened to look up at the clouds to gauge if there was a chance of rain and I caught a glimpse of something flying high up in the clouds, moving in and out of the clouds. I can't seem to use binoculars properly so I thought I'd use my digital camera on full zoom to see if I could see anything.

We get a lot of peregrine falcons around this area so to me it was a perfect chance to catch one in flight as I already have a few pictures of one in my garden feeding.

Anyway, with the camera on full optical zoom which is only 3x on a Kodak MD41, I only just managed to see something on the lcd screen, the sky was bright so my eyes were nearly closed and streaming because of the light, I clicked the button and took the picture.

I let my eyes recover for a minute and then went inside to view the picture, which is when I noticed that what I had captured appeared to a mettalic disc.

I was very excited. I quickly went back outside but there was nothing visable in the sky. After that I was in no state to complete my project for the day. I have never seen anything like this before or after that day. - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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