Bird photo captures two UFOs passing near Noosa Heads, Australia 2012


Noosa Heads
February 1, 2012

UFO sighting report : I had just pulled up in my car at the Noosa River mouth car park, 8-05am, when a sea eagle/kite landed on a Pandanus palm directly in front of me, thought yea wow cool and grabbed my camera, 4 megapixels sorry, and proceeded to take a series of 6 photos of the creature, quite unusual that one should land in this area as they are sorta shy and avoid humans and this is a very busy place and had never seen one here before in 30 years of going there, i did not notice any planes or lights in the sky when i took the photos, but when i got home and copied photo`s to my computer i noticed on the third photo of the six i took, 2 lights in the background, i swear they weren't there when i took the photos and would surely have noticed them as i am always looking for oddities in the sky, having seen "oddities" on several occasions, The objects only appear on the one photo, the photos were taken only seconds apart and they should have been on at least one of the other photos, got me stuffed. - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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