Dongguan Students get controversial UFO picture | China | May 11 2011


May 11, 2011

(Chinese to English translation):'a City College of Dongguan Institute of Technology students claims to shoot suspected UFO photos, the micro crazy Chuan Bo, most netizens expressed doubts, saying the photos had been PS. Mutations in the sky UFO was actually to blame? Yesterday evening, the sky was clouded in Dongguan. All of a sudden, the sky turned dark. Forward in more than 3,200, more than 300 comments, the micro crazy Bo then pass on the Internet. Most netizens expressed doubts: "how could! " "is false, right, PS pretty well. " users also quipped: "Take me to Mars you, seek guidance "; there are friends to send teachers and students of City College "Tips ":" Oh, your school and carefully taken away by aliens. " Location outside institutions in the city do Last night, the reporter linked to the Institute of City College, a teacher, the teacher said after carefully identify the picture, this figure is indeed the middle of the City College campus dormitory shot on the open space. She said the school the student is a photography lovers, the authenticity of the UFO, the teacher analysis, this picture was not shot directly after the phone to upload, but through computer and upload to deal with the possibility of more than Large.' | Dongguan, Guangdong, China | Date: May 11 2011 | UFO Shape: Saucer with Dome | Photographer: Chuan Bo Jing Xian - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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