White line with UFO near Dog Island in Florida | USA | March 15 2011


March 15, 2011

'My friend was on the beach of Dog Island, Florida (off shore from the coastal town of Carrabelle). It was a beautiful clear sunny afternoon with a normal ocean breeze. He and his friend took several photos with a digital camera of the beach/ocean/sky, looking south over the Gulf of Mexico. Later when looking closely at the photos, he noticed a strange white hazy streak in the sky, which he thought was an optical anomaly. Then he also noticed a tiny object near the streak in the sky. When zooming in on the object in the photo, it looks like a disk in the sky with the top shiny, apparently due to reflected sun light, and the bottom with a dark shadow. They had not noticed either the streak or the object when taking the photos.' | Dog Island(off shore from the coastal town of Carrabelle), Florida, USA | Date: March 15 2011

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