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UFO VIDEO - Incredible fleet of UFO probes in the sky of Domlur, India - 2012


February 4, 2012

ufo sightings eyewitness report : Me and my wife had just returned from the shopping mall, and were unlocking our door when I noticed those bright lights moving steadily in the sky. My wife just dismissed them by saying these are just Chinese lanterns which she had seen before in Kolkata and went inside.

I told her about the way they were moving was very different, and asked her to get our camera quickly. After that we watched these lights coming from the Koramangala direction, crossing our locality Domlur, and moving towards Majestic (Railway and Bus terminal of Bangalore).

The movement of the air crafts / UFOs was steady, both of them moving side by side, one a bit ahead of the other, maintaining the angle between them, accelerating together in a synchronised manner.

The dominant colours were orange and red (with intermittent small flickers of yellow and pink as well) The light flickering was of high frequency, (as it is seen off a spinning object rotating at a very high speed on its own axis).

These two lights/UFOs crossed across the Bangalore sky, within 1-1.5 minutes(approx), without making any noise - they were moving in unision in complete silence.

Even remote controlled UAVs make some feeble noise! These two were soon followed by two more which took a path that was almost above our building, close to the moon in the sky, but moving in the same direction as the previous ones.

You can see in the video, - the bright white light is the moon, whereas the red one is the mysterious light. 4 of these were followed by a single one, and then followed by another two.

These were within 250 meters away from us, when passing us by. After that they were seen no more. I seriously missed a good DSLR with tele/Zoom lenses and a tripod, as i could have captured more detail. Mine was a simple canon 12 MP automatic camera with 16x zoom.

Since the subjects were moving away fast from right to left, and I was trying to keep them on the right side of the screen, to see their flight pattern, using maximum zoom, the subjects appear to be very shaky(lack of a tripod!!)in the videos.

I have taken some stills too. So far I had read about UFOs since my childhood days, seen them in many movies, and youtube clippings, but this was the first time for me to see them in the night sky of Bangalore with my wife.

With the old airport and the airforce base nearby ,testing of some experimental mini aircraft cannot be ruled out,but when I checked out the net for UFO sightings in India, I came across the recent Pune sighting video on youtube and the look was very similar. Moreover if testing a UAV, whats the need of flickering bright lights, and testing a fleet of 7 at the same time? Well, whatever they were, I liked the way they looked and moved across the night sky. I have ALWAYS believed that we are certainly not alone. We've NEVER been.
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