White sphere UFO moving slowly through the sky - Seraidi Annaba Algeri


September 28, 2015

White sphere UFO moving slowly through the sky.

I was having good time with friends in a Mountain (1000 meters above sea level) near my city. At a point I got down from the car to take some pictures of the forest, while I saw a strange white circle moving out of the clouds.

I run to try and get a closer look but it was far from the mountain route I would say at least 150 meters higher than the mountain. At a closer look it looked like a white sphere and not am airplane for sure since it was all round and I was sure it is a solid thing cause the sun light reflected on its surface.

It was moving slowly, quietly and gradually ascending through the sky and moving further and further until it disappear. I managed to take 4 pictures with my 12megapixel camera, two of them the camera went out of focus the other two were okay but not perfect. The UFO region is highlighted with a red box.

Credit: MUFON

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