Driving home from ceremony saw strange UFO in the sky - Minnesota USA


November 8, 2015

I was driving back from Minneapolis area after attending a sweat lodge ceremony. I stops in Olivia Minnesota at 6 PM to get a blizzard at Dairy Queen then continue driving west on highway 212 when I looked out the passenger side window to the north and noticed what at first I thought was a small airplane flying just above the tree line. I looked again and noticed the windows were too large to be airplane windows.

I could not see any red or green flashing lights at the rear of the craft to identify it as a small airplane. They were long rectangular windows in which I could see people standing and looking out. I grabbed my camera and tried to take a couple pictures. The craft then made a sharp 90 degrees turn and headed toward me on the front I saw three bright lights.

It came at my vehicle above Treetop level quite fast and passed over the top of my vehicle and the road and then disappeared to the south. I immediately pulled over to the side of the road and looked for the object in the sky and could not see anything. I could see the lights from other Jets and airplanes in the sky but they were a long ways away.

Credit: MUFON

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