Orb but when I take photos It’s triangle - UFO Shahrekord Iran 2015


Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari
January 22, 2015

In 22.1.2015 at 13 pm in order to water my vases I went to the roof of the building when a white flying object in the southwest of the town with an altitude of about one km above and a distance of about the same caught my attention.

Staring at the flying object I was in doubt whether it is a balloon or plane or at least a flying toy of a child playing near around. As it is got closer I saw a light shining at the top of it like the reflection of the sunlight from the surface of a metal. But what was strange is that the object was rotating or it is better to say that it was tumbling while getting closer and closer.

It wasn’t in a standard shape with a whole body in total white. I found out that it wasn’t an ordinary flying object. After 20 seconds it had an altitude of almost 1 km and a distance of about 100 or 200 m from my standing position, when it realized my existence. Due to my bad luck it changed its direction to south-east and slowly gained altitude to reach the top. In my estimation in the nearest point within me reach the object had the diameter of a ball.

I came down to come up with a camera so quickly. When I returned it had reached an altitude of about 3 km at that direction. It started to circle around with three sudden jumps, then the object went up and up and got disappeared in the clouds. Each time the wind moved the clouds I took a photo from the unveiled flying object. Meanwhile I got aware of a second flying object with an altitude higher than the previous one in a stationary state. That wasn’t clear enough to be watched. After about 4 min they gained altitude again and moved toward northeast along the clouds. 1 hour later it was almost impossible to sight them clearly.

One day later in 23.1 at about 11.30 I went to the roof once again with a camera. After 5 minutes of searching the sky, surprisingly a white shining object took my attention at my left side. It was moving from northeast to northwest with a high-speed in a straight line with an altitude of 200 m in a distance of about 400 – 500 m. while I was turning my camera on (after 5 second) it completely stopped and just in one second I saw the object above the mountain like a bolt out of blue. It means that just in 1 second the object has made an unbelievable jump 1 km above the mountain or I have a made an optical illusion. At that moment I doubt deeply of my observation, if I hadn’t took a photo a day before I eat several narcotic tablets with three-day of staying in bed talking to nobody. Anyway after the jumps the object stopped for seconds while it was suspending. Then it started to circle around upward like a day before and jumped for several times to be leveled with the clouds. I got shocked. I was totally confused. I turned the camera on but before I could zoom on, it gradually paled and disappeared completely.

For the third time in 27.3.2015 around 11 or 12 pm, I was about to see another case moving again from the southwest to the northwest with a high-speed. But it wasn’t recognizable anymore and passed above our house in a completely strange and unpredictable line from those of which observed a day before. The point is that a white translucent light was at the top of the object. In addition its motion in a crinkle way accompanied with increasing in altitude, periodically.

Credit: Arash - ufointernationalproject.com

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