Luminescent dome shaped UFO with red light at its base Los Angeles USA


Los Angeles
February 10, 2014

Luminescent dome shaped object with a red light at its base. Much larger than a plane and flying above flight path.

I was walking down Vermont street approaching Fountain, which is a busy intersection in a congested part of Hollywood.

On this particular block is a hospital called Hollywood Presbyterian.

As I neared the intersection a man dressed in green hospital scrubs ran up to me from around the corner, his arms were flailing for my attention.

He asked me, Have you ever seen a UFO before? Well TURN AROUND RIGHT NOW!! He ran off to tell group of three people approximately 30 ft. up the block.

Turning around, I was awestruck and couldnt believe what I saw. Flying in the sky was a large, luminescent disc-shaped object that was unlike anything I had even seen.

It was very clearly a shiny metal color with an alternating pattern of chrome and grey on its undercarriage. At its base was a single pulsating red light.

Immediately I knew it wasn't a plane, that was apparent. Drone perhaps? No.

My perspective adjusted and I realized it was a huge disc-shaped object that was flying at a much higher altitude than anything you would typically see.

I also figured it to be moving extremely fast and traveling in a single direction: NW to SE. It was without a doubt a UFO.

I managed to take a few photos. When I was doing this I glanced back toward the sidewalk and saw the same group of people standing 30 feet away.

They were witnessing the same thing as me. All of them were looking up with their arms and fingers pointed to the sky.

Shortly after, the object moved over some buildings and disappeared from my sight. It all happened over the course of about one minute.

Within a week of the sighting, I found a post on a message board describing the same incident.

Also, a different person posted a video on YouTube of a sighting which to me looked identical to what I saw.

Both the board post and the video describe the incidences as occurring near the same time as mine and on the same date.

Each one happened in an approximately 4 mile radius of my location at the time.

Credit: MUFON - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

While other UFO database accept any text has a record, needs a reliable proof to insert a UFO sighting in its UFO database.
Each record has an UFO picture, a video or some kind of Evidence. At, Seeing is Believing