Star like ufo keeps hovering at one spot - Rotterdam Netherlands 2015


October 12, 2015

When I wake up and I get out of bed a round 6:00.I take a look outside, i got 4 Windows so I got a good view outside.of its not cloudy I can see the stars .so this morning I see a very bright star (i see this star for a few weeks already) shining .so I get my binoculars and my I took some photos and watch it with my binoculars it was first a round shape later it shapeshifted in triangle and round again.thru the binoculars it was like small balls of light together like a led bolt .than I went outside into the garden thee I got a good view .when I take some photos again, I notice that underneath of the UFO was a cross shape like a X or a this time all the stars where gone and it was daylight already.the UFO was still there and a round 15 min later it vanished. I think thats tomorrow its comic back again. I try too take beter photos.
Credit: MUFON

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