Family eating dinner at our resort then notice 5 UFOs in the sky - Jam


Montego Bay
January 6, 2014

So i was at the resort Grand Palladium in Jamaica with my family for a nice vacation that my grand father paid for. It was just me my mom my step dad and sister, we did one of those fancy restaurants every night i think the called we went to one called poseidon something i don't remember the full name we were seated at our table on a outdoor bar patio type thing overlooking the ocean. My mom pointed out all the stray cats they had in Jamaica all around the resort, she pointed one out behind me i looked at the cat and then look up at the ocean admiring it. all of a sudden i spotted 5 glowing orbs in the sky flying in what had seemed like a triangle formation, i immediately pointed it out to my parents.They brushed it off as military jets.I was frightened yet memorized with the fact how 5 objects could be flying so close in triangle formation they were just to close to be jets. Also jets make very loud noises and these object were not super high in the sky and they did not emit any sound what so ever. The 5 perfect spheres traveled in a straight line over the ocean. They just kept on going and going and going until they where gone they just disappeared.
Credit: MUFON - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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