Looked to mountain. saw gigantic hovering ufo - Lake Stevens USA 2015


Lake Stevens
May 18, 2015

I just moved into this neighborhood. As I was driving home with my roommate we turned down 30th Ave NE in Lake Stevens and looked up at the mountain. I don't know what mountain it is yet, I think it's Pilchuck, and at the top of the mountain was a gigantic bright shining object and we were both stunned. We were talking and it was so surprising it made us both stop and we pulled over amazed. We couldn't believe what we were seeing and asked each other if we had seen a UFO we took pictures of it we took video of it, but it was too fat away for video... anyway it just hovered there, it was extremely bright, so bright we wetter shocked by how big and how bright it was. It was gigantic it had to be maybe a mile or more wide and it moved slowly backward and down behind the mountain.
Credit: MUFON

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