UFO came to about 2000 in elevation from the 30 000 feet - Canada 2011


June 3, 2011

My wife alerted me 3 white balls moving intelligently, fast and taking 90 degree plus corners without seeming to slow down. When they came lower is when I started to film and only was able to get one on tape for 14 seconds before it went up so fast I could not fathom to guess at the speed. They seemed to know they were seen and being taped, my camera kept going back from high zoom all by itself. I have seen the very same white tubes near the nuclear power plants across Lake Erie in Ohio and Michigan where the two states meet at their Eastern border. The nuclear power plants are the Enrico Ferme 1 and 2 plants. Billy, from the 'Ancient Aliens TV Show said after seeing a still photo I took from the digital tape and said craft like these are being reported all around the world near nuclear power plants. When the craft came lower it was evident that it had coloured ends. One green, the other blue, they both turned at high speeds in the opposite direction of each other. This ship came to about 2000 in elevation from the 30 000 feet estimate when we saw them, I ran in the house for a digital video camera and came out and filmed about 14 seconds that has changed the way we fell about ETBs.
Round, tube shaped, the length changed but the diameter was consistent. 100 feet to 400 feet long, and 50 feet wide. It had a black arm that spun around the white middle of the ship that seemed to come in and out of sight, it spun so fast that you only notice it on some stills I isolated.
Credit: UFO Evidence

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