3 bright lights UFOs not too far up in the sky sitting still - Canada


Port Moody
British Columbia
February 27, 2015

I was sitting underneath my balcony having a cigar, then I noticed these 3 bright lights not too far up in the sky sitting still in a triangle formation. They seemed kinda more like orbs… as I was watching them, the right bottom orb faded away (didn’t fly or move), it just disappeared; vanished. So thats when I pulled out my phone and tried taking a picture cause now there were only two orbs… I snapped the photo (attached) and as I’m still watching, the top orb vanished as well as the last one. I didn’t think to record a video because I was way too interested on what these lights were, I am wishing I did. The First photo is the original (not zoomed) and the other two are just zoomed. I also attached a daylight shot on where the photo was exactly taken. Great Experience!
Credit: Jon (latest-ufo-sightings.net)

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