UFO moving fast at high altitude in Avaré, São Paulo, Brazil Jan 2015


São Paulo
January 1, 2015

In early January 2015 envi some photos for you MUFON and that was de Pesquisa them am. Not reach an agreement, the objects were undetermined. Well, this object photographed 31/01/2015 I see the photos. Unlike last time, this time to 3 ms witnesses observed the object move at high altitude and high speed in front of us. the phenomenon transorreu in 1 minute and 20 seconds until it disappears. Tom some photographs of the object 7 with the zoom lens in posicinmxima 300 mm. Only those with the coconut trees are to give the reference of the object distance to the ground, and where it went. You think I should send these photos to MUFON? I think the page of all very difficult and takes a long time to load. I did all the photos in RAW (high-resolution). If you can help me thank you. Att Aquilino

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