UFO over South sky in Gampaha Sri Lanka Changing Red,Blue,White lights


Western Province
August 21, 2011

That is on August 21, 2011 at Gampaha. After getting my dinner at my house I went to the kitchen to wash my hands (Our kitchen is separated by the house). As a habit when I go to the kitchen I looked at sky. On that day I saw that UFO at about 8.00 pm in South sky. When I look at the sky I saw a one star like thing blinking very rapidly. I suddenly stopped and watched that object to know what it was. I noticed it was moving here and there. Some times it glows very brightly. At that time I saw that object illuminating with blue, red, and white colors in a rapidly changing manner. I shouted to the others of our house to come and see this object. And all my family members saw this object. They also excited by watching this. I quickly went to the house and got my digital camera. And I got lots of photos. But only few of photos captured the object. After that I ran to the in front of the house and got another photos. There also few photos captured the object. We saw that this object always move up and down and right and left in a random manner. I think that object is at a very high level from the ground because when mists like clouds are coming towards that, the object was disappeared for a short time. After clouds passed away that was reappeared. This object appeared for about 45 minutes. At 8.45 pm lots of clouds came and start a rain. At that time we went by our vehicle to a field which we believed that object could be appeared. But nothing we saw. Then we came to our home and after the rain stopped I went in front of the house and looked at the sky at about 10.00 pm but nothing there. On that day I plugged the camera to my laptop and analyzed them. When I saw those photos I really disappointed. But when I zoomed those photos I saw a red colored spot like object appeared on that photo. I analyzed another photo and when it zoomed I saw white colored spot like object and also that zoomed image is very different from the other zoomed images because there has four black dots around that white colored spot. After that day I analyzed other photos also and I saw blue colored spot like object. Credit MUFON

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