Panorama picture capture a UFO over Wireless Hill park Perth Australia


Western Australia
December 10, 2002

UFO sightings report: Yesterday, a very strange thing happen to me. These days all my lunch times (say 11:00-13:00) are spent on photographing panoramas. And if I am not working for client, I am working just to learn how to make them better.
So yesterday I was shooting in Wireless Hill park for about 1:30h continuously and in the evening I found that I have photographed a strange object hanging over the Perth.
I hadn't seen it during the shoot, because I rarely look at what I am photographing once all is set, as I have to watch angles on the tripod head and just keep taking pictures (12 or 18 per single panorama). Funny thing is that neighbouring photos are overlapping and I can't find this - kind of triangular metallic object on previous or next overlapping image. Speed I am taking those photos is about 2-4 sec. So this thing had to move very fast.
I have to check the speed of the shutter on the camera I was using at the time, to try to determine the speed of it.

Very interesting. Damn camera beat me to seeing aliens first !!!!

Credit: Brad Mildern, THE AUSSIE CONNECTION - Mystical Universe - Database of UFO Pictures, Videos or Evidences

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