Long UFO hides in mountain tree tops in Valle de Bravo, Mexico 2012


Valle de Bravo
October 17, 2012

1. Starting to cook outside.

2. Our maid first called the object to my attention. She saw it while cleaning the veranda on the lake side of the house.

3. It was and is not clear what it was. Appeared long rectangular or cylindrical; not totally clear even with binoculars because of the distance.

4. First saw it, it appeared in front of mountain and slightly higher. After going for camera and binoculars, it was slightly behind tree line of mountains, moved very slowly to the right.

When I got camera, it was partly obscured by trees. Appeared very bright at left end, which then dimmed a bit, then appeared to brighten appreciably again, then descend very slowly out of sight.

5. Felt it was something I had not seen before anywhere. Took me a bit by surprise. Not shaped like an aircraft or a helicopter, blimp or ultralight, sea plane or para-gliders that frequent the area. The location was not one where para-gliders go. Did not make me feel odd, or uncontrolled.

6. Object appeared to slightly descend behind the tree line, out of site. Did not see it emerge after observing the area or panorama for several minutes.

Credit : MUFON

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